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Aug. 17, 2018

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From: Tony K. Date: 15/7/00

I'm going through the book, and I must say, it's just great!  However, in
Chapter 9, everytime I try and activate the rules, I get the following

ioctl(SIOCADDFR): Invalid argument

This occurs after every rule in the list.  I even tried downloading the
sample rules from the website, with the same results.  I thought maybe it
was a compilation error with the kernel, so I recompiled with a new config
(to eliminate possible typos in the MYKERNEL origional).  Same results.

Tha machine is a P233MMX with 32M of RAM, 2.1G hard drive, and 2 3com
3c905-TX PCI adapters.  The video card is a Trident I had lying around.  I
am using OpenBSD 2.5 for the moment to get it up and running via the book,
then will update to 2.7.

Any help's appreciated,

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