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Aug. 17, 2018

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From: Terence G. Date: 17/7/00

Dear Mr. Sonnenreich -- first of all, I wanted to tell you how much I
enjoyed your book, 'Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls'.  I have read it cover
to cover, and I'm using it as a guide for setting up an OpenBSD
firewall.   It was clear and to the point, and very well written.
Having said all that ;-), I do have a quick question.  On page 240, you
make note of the fact that;
"There is a downside to the union mount: Your changes are not permanent. 
When the device is unmounted, all of your changes are lost."
I'm not sure I understand.  For example, I have installed 2.7 of OpenBSD
from the CD, and I'm in the process of applying all of the patches to
bring it up to date.  If I use the union mount technique, and at some
point down the road, a patch is issued that updates a current patch, will
I have to reapply both patches?
I'm not sure if I am explaining myself particularly well, but if you need
further clarification of the question, please let me know...thank you...

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