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Aug. 17, 2018

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From: Shawn W. Date: 05/6/00

Hi Wes,

I have really enjoyed reading your book on building firewalls.  I chose to
build one with OpenBSD and have it up and running.  You have mentioned
several scripts, utilities, and even a copy of the Kernel that were going to
be on the Web site.  I have found a few of the resources, but it seems that
most of the things you mentioned for OpenBSD are not actually on the site.
Any time frame for the posting of all the resources you mentioned?  And it
seemed that you implied that there would at least be a mention of how your
book chapter relates to the newest version of OpenBSD.  Your book is based
on 2.5, 2.6 is what is available, and 2.7 will be out within a few weeks.
Are you planning on posting anything on 2.6?

Overall, your book is terrific, and as a community college instructor I have
read a few.  I have also reccomended your book to my networking students.
Thanks for your time.

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