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Aug. 17, 2018

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From: Raj K. Date: 04/6/00

Dear Wes & Tom
I am Raj, a student with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I am a beginner
who got hooked to LINUX recently. It's amazing how much stuff is available to
the general public because of GNU(FSF)! Tho I have used different UNIX
systems(Digital,IRIX,SUN SOLARIS etc) it's always been an end user who needs to
compile a program and run it at the most with the available compilers, but now
after getting VA-Linux supplied RED HAT 6.1 which runs on my machine, I feel so
powerful to have that all pervading, omnipresent(hee hee) SUPER USER capability
tho I can't say I am anywhere near being a LINUX guru. Ok, the reason for this
email is I bought your book "BUILDING LINUX & OPEN BSD FIREWALLS" but I found
out after I read the intro that it's meant for RED HAT 6.0 and a page of
errata(URL?) on the website should fix differences between the two?! I am a
novice when it comes to the jargon or the real networking theory etc so I am
wondering is it okay to go ahead and read thru the book and try building the
firewall? I already have the RED HAT 6.1 installed and we hooked the PC to the
internet recently through our local radar net. There has been incidents
recently wherein hackers(personally, I have no grudge against them;) They are
just smart kids or big kids, hehe, I believe it's a mind game! One has to just
get the better of them!!) have entered our local servers running LINUX, so I
would like to experiment and learn on my own with your book. Kindly advice if
this is a good plan to go ahead? Finally, it's a nicely written book and very
witty too:-), Ummm, I love  CACHE POISONING:-) haha !!!!!!!!!
Thankyou for your time, Gentlemen & Congratulations again for bringing out your
experiance to lesser mortals like me!!!
Best regards,

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