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Aug. 17, 2018

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From: Eddie S. Date: 06/5/00

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how helpful your book has
been in working with OpenBSD.  I really like the ability compare Linux
and OpenBSD on the abilities of both in the arena of Security.   I also
hope this Web site will be actively updated for useful tool and

I have a situation I am not finding any solution to on Open BSD.  The
Version of OBSD is 2.4.  My network is very simple design for my home
office. The network is NAT from the back.  All options seem to be
working properly except Trace Route.  From my NAT'ed network  I never
seem to get proper responses from host I know are available.  The errors
behind the firewall  I receive are Request Timed Out  although from the
console I have no trouble tracerouteing to the destination.  Any ideas??
Also i  noticed in your book you mention icmp types where are these
listed in Full with what they do. Additionally  have also tested this
with the Rule Set to allow all traffic in and out..HELP!!

Thanks again

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