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Sep. 21, 2018

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Major OpenBSD content update finished!

Wow... huge amounts of new OpenBSD material:

  • Two how-to documents
    • IPFilter-Upgrading How-To
    • Invisible Firewalling How-To
  • A high-security sample configuration -- VERY detailed... explains some advanced topics like rule groups and better logging techniques
  • Installing OpenBSD 2.7 doc has numerous corrections and updates
  • Configuring OpenBSD 2.7 for Firewalling has major updates and additions... this doc will be even further improved over the next few weeks as I get feedback
Coming next: VPN & Honeypot how-to docs, more sample configurations (3 legged dmz config, some simple configs, etc.) ipftest scripts and test data, more IDS stuff, more FAQ answers, etc.

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