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Sep. 21, 2018

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I get SIOCADDR: Invalid Argument when I...

Q: Using netstart, network-helper (see scripts section), ipf, ipnat, route, etc. you get a output that looks OK except for a line that says: SIOCADDR: Invalid Argument or something to that extent.

A: Usually this happens because a program tries to set a value that's already set. This isn't necessarily a bad thing -- often the change you attempted to make took effect.

The first thing to do is check to see if everything looks right. Do an "ifconfig -a". Does that look good? What about a "netstat -rn"? Finally, check your ipf/nat rules: "ipfstat -io", "ipnat -l", etc. If everything looks good, there's no problem -- everything worked as planned. Try running data through the firewall to be sure tho...

If things don't look good, you probably have an error in one of your config files. Often there's a routing problem. The routing tables get altered by netstart and network-helper. They also might get tweaked when ipnat is used to load new nat rules.

Check to make sure your files are all good -- try simplifying them (or removing them) and running whatever it is you were running again. Of course, removing these files will cause certain scripts to die in other ways, but you can often tell if it's a config problem anyhow by studying the error messages. You can try this method with all the various critical configuration files.

We HIGHLY recommend using the network-helper script, as it tends to make a lot of this stuff work better with less errors, especially if you create your first config from a known-good environment. It does occasionally give this sort of error when everything is working properly -- that's actually normal. Once you get used to it you'll know when to ignore it and when to pay attention.

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